12 November 2009

Some homework for David Luce. Head and hands is fun.


  1. hey thaaar...very cool stuff.
    so, i'm thinking of transferring to art center for illustration for next year and i was wondering what its like there? i mean assignments, workload and teachers... email me if you can: kris10woo@gmail.com

  2. Hey Bapsi,

    Great works! Illustration seems to be treating you nicely.

    I noticed you asked about Gouache. Sorry for the late reply, but it's now or never.

    Gouache is very fun to use. It's very quick to dry but it can be made wet again with water. This makes tweaking very easy even after Gouache dries and makes the painting process quick (especially if you use a hair dryer to dry paint). That's why my animation program uses this medium. Very good for "sketch painting" IMO.

    It's very vibrant, sometimes too much. It is also very deceiving as gouache, when wet, can change a lot in value when it dries.

    Keep it up!

  3. thanks for the info, Alex.
    I think i'll try to get a better handle for gouache in the near future.