22 June 2014

daiso-book 2

My scanner of a few years died before I left for England, but I had enough left over from the trip to order a new one! I'm loyal to CanoScan LiDE scanners so I just got a newer model from before.
Anyway, some more from my scrappy daisobook.
I bought a gel pen to practice not bearing down as much on my wrists (also kind of important when you're working on LITERAL TOILET PAPER). Looking forward to being able to draw all the time again. The toll I took on my hands from not resting or working properly made it difficult to stay at speed for too long. I'm hoping continued effort to work habits will prevent my having to take breaks from art for weeks at a time soon enough. :D


  1. I'm right there with ya. Tendinitis is a beeeitch.

    1. we ride together, we wear wristbraces together