17 August 2014

statue sketches

Some statue doodles this week. I've been slowly recovering and have been able to do stuff with less pain! Really excited to get back on track soon and get my hands back.


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  2. These are genuinely amazing! You're very talented, and I'm thrilled that I stumbled across your blog. May I ask how you learned to doodle like this? Was it self-taught or did you take classes? I'd love to be able to sketch even half as well as this.

    1. self-directed study mostly! i've learned from watching, listening, and doing. big thanks to people like kevin chen and will weston.

      i think what helps the most is an even mix of studying from life and sketching from the imagination. study people you think really know their shit--some goo examples are glen keane, claire wendling, heinrich kley. when you're resting your hands or away from your sketchbook, look at what's around you and figure out how you would best construct it with your pen if you had it.
      that's pretty much my way of trying to improve lately. with my arm injury i've been learning about the importance of really analyzing what it is you're doing and why. i find that it's often more useful and productive than just drawing a hundred hands and hoping something sinks in.