26 July 2014

fig 3/8

This week's figure workshop was done in my sketchbook, to see if it was any easier on my ulnar nerve. (SPOILER: IT WASN'T.  OW.) 1min, 5min, 10min, reclining pose is 20min.

16 July 2014

Tree-house thing concepts

A little bit of game concept development recently done for a client. This is my favorite FAVORITE kind of work to do. Iterations! Thumbnails! Sketches! MORE.

03 July 2014

figs 2/8

This one was from the CSUN workshop, since I missed last saturday's pierce one. oops :ccccccccc
First few were 2 or 5min, the rest are 25min and up.

This last one was a pain in the ass, but I was determined to regain patience in my work. I think this was 1hour+, but I wasn't keeping track.