30 January 2010

Lately I've been focusing on my foundation--drawing from life and trying to get a hang of media like oil, pencil and photoshop/painter. I want to spend my freetime applying this information and experience, making sure every piece fits when and where it should. Wish me luck.


  1. horny beasticle

    oooh have you tried SAI
    i think it's easier painting on there? ;o

  2. yeah, i've tried sai.
    I don't think it's easier to use, but it definitely runs more quickly than photoshop. It's also nice and blendy. *_*b

  3. Hmm I don't quite KNOW.
    I think that the pen sensitivity is better.
    But photoshop pwns in effects and whatnot :O
    Painter just seems all hard to use and is CRUSTY.

  4. haha. I'd put up with painter and its amazing medium simulating if my computer could handle it and NOT LAG WHEN I'M USING IT GRR.