23 June 2014

figs 1/8

A few days after I got back home from England, I realized I had just enough money (and barely enough time) to enroll at a community college figure drawing workshop. It began first thing every Saturday morning and I knew I had to take it on.
I hadn't done any figure drawing from life in about a year so I was veeeerry rusty. We started off slow with 1-minute gestures--

Before escalating all hardcore-like (at the other students' requests) to 10-minute poses. I didn't expect my first one to hold up well, so I lumped it with the gesture page (also there was just enough room and I'm a cheap-ass, even with newsprint).
After that, it was 20-minute poses for the remainder of the workshop. In an attempt to not get held up in details, I broke the time up into smaller drawings so I can have more chances to, well, mess up. And mess up I did.
During one of our breaks someone came in with a big box of old books from another class and allowed us to have at 'em. WOO Definitely gonna use the photo sequence book as a resource for figure warm-ups at home. The Bridgman book I'll probably just keep around for a future art-friend who might need the valuable education. 8D
Overall I was happy with this first session. I managed to stay patient with myself (which students like me aren't always inclined to do), and tried to find solutions for myself when I saw things weren't going at a rate I felt I needed.
Like I said on twitter, I notice I'm much more grounded in art when my practice is punctuated with figure drawing sessions, so I'm looking forward to getting back up to speed again with my work~

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